1. In case of any accident will occur to the vehicle, the hirer has to pay a basic lump sum of 1500 Dhs. in addition to the daily rent, till the vehicle completed repairing.
  2. In case of any accident, the hirer should not move the vehicle from the place of the accident, before the police inspection completion. He has to deliver all the required documents immediately, to the Rent Office, otherwise, he will be fully responsible.
  3. The hirer is responsible to pay for the repair and daily rent, for the period of non-work due to an accident or technical trouble that occurred because of carelessness, or negligence of intention of the hirer.
  4. It is hereby agreed upon between the hirer and the company that in case of a “TOTAL LOSS” (vehicle beyond economical repairs) the hirer agrees to pay to the company 30% off the total insured value of the vehicle.
  5. In case of accident or technical trouble, the hirer has to inform the rent office. The hirer is not allowed to repair without informing the rent office.
  6. In case of not paying the rent amount, the rent will endure 5% from the rent rate for each day of delay.
  7. In case of confiscation of the vehicle Renter Shall be responsible to bear all the Fees and value of the vehicle and the due rent.
  8. A 1500 Dhs shall be paid as a deposit for those not holding credit card for a period of 30 days after returning the car
  9. The tenant who bears a UAE license that hasn’t passed a year on it from the date of issue or if the tenant is less than 25 years old will be responsible for all the damages that occurred in an accident.
  10. If any accident accrued because the Driver was influenced by alcohol or any other substitute having the same effect, then he has to pay complete compensation for all the damages that occurred to the vehicle.
  11. The hirer agrees to pay for all traffic fines and parking tickets during the period of the rent. the company reserves the rights within three years of the end of such rental, to claim any such unpaid amounts from the hirer.
  12. All repairs should be done at agency workshops
  13. The hirer is not allowed to hand over the vehicle to an unlicensed driver or a person less than 25 years old. otherwise, he/she will be responsible for all caused damages.
  14. No permission to use the vehicle outside U.A.E insurance policy valid inside U.A.E only
  15. Rent office permission is required to extend the rent period.
  16. The company is not responsible for any cash or valuables belonging to the hirer that may be lost whitest the vehicle is in his/her possession or after the entire period of the hire.
  17. The hirer must ensure that the vehicle is parked in a safe and secure place when it is not in use. Any damage caused to the vehicle including damage due to acts of god will be the sole responsibility and liability of the hirer as these damages cannot be claimed from the insurance.
  18. The Renter is not allowed to give up possession of the vehicle to any person.
  19. No articles which might cause damage to the vehicle or its upholstery shall be transported in the vehicle.
  20. The renter agrees to use the vehicle for the purpose for which it has been licensed. The rented vehicle shall not be used for Motorsport events, racing, rallying and speed testing towing of the vehicle and transport of goods in violation of U.A.E Rules
  21. The Renter is allowed to drive 200 kms per day and 5000 Kms per month extra from That 50 files charge
  22. Rented cars will not be taken back after 7.00 PM Saturday to Thursday. during national holidays and weekends. In case of the hired car is returned on Thursday, the hirer is responsible for extra day hire (Saturday)
  23. No smoking is allowed inside the car, in case of smoking, we have the right to deduct 500 Dhs from the costs of cleaning the car and any defects inside the car associated with the smoking.
  24. In case of cheque bounce, 400 AED will be charged extra.

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